"The man 

who has no 


has no wings"

- Muhammad Ali


Relationship Management & Design Office


Production Facility

Production & Quality


Basak Tekstil started apparel manufacturing in 20 April 1998 with 30 employees in Caycuma,  Turkey.  Having worked as 3rd party manufacturer for global brands for many years, the company quickly expanded its operations to 200 employees and 170 machines  in a production area of 25,000 sq feet and monthly capacity reached to 250,000 units.  Basak Tekstil also has an office in Istanbul to manage client relationships where it has  its own design studio as well. While expanding the services, Basak Tekstil follows the quality procedures in order to have utmost quality. These procedures are audited and approved by international audit firms.

Date of Establishment

20 April 1998

Area of Activity

Design and Production

Number of Employees

200 Employees

Production Area

25.000 sq ft within a 175.450 sq ft zone


Production Capacity

150.000 to 350.000 units



Basak Tekstil began to design apparels in 2015 in her design studio located in Basak Tekstil’s representative office in Istanbul. Our designs come out of a continuous learning process from drawing to sewing. With our experienced and strong design team we aspire to be the best we can be in design business and would not like to be humble in our quest to lead global fashion industry with our passionate designs.

References & Auditors


Basak Tekstil is committed to increase the ability and creativity of employees in order to give the best quality in its area of activity. The priority of Basak Tekstil is to add value to suppliers, employees and customers.